Amazon's Untitled Project

- BTS Gaffer

Avatar Sequels

- Best Boy

A Wrinkle In Time

- Assistant

Mad Max Fury RoaD

- Assistant

These are a few of the bigger projects we’ve worked on, amongst countless other TV commercials, music videos and Dramas.

Here at Moody we have a bold and fresh approach to lighting. We like to keep our finger on the pulse of new emerging LED lights, wireless control technology and stay at the forefront of onset lighting possibilities.

We understand that in today’s content climate there’s a real need for good time, crew and resource management while constantly adapting to unknowns.

We aim to give your production more shooting time, minimise the risk of unnecessary overtime, while sticking to a budget.

We cater to television commercials, online content, music videos, interviews and reality tv.

Contact us to talk about your next project. Nothing is too big or too small.

Marcus Upton

MOODY’s Marcus Upton, ft. Oprah